Review: my first flight in 9 months! Aegean Airlines from Brussels to Mykonos

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Today: Aegean Airlines Economy Class from Brussels to Mykonos

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, leisure travel to/from Belgium (my home country) was banned for almost the entire winter and spring. The travel restrictions (to some countries) were finally lifted mid-May, and early June, I went on my first trip abroad in more than 9 months. I choose the Greek island of Mykonos as my destination (because of its designation as a green area, meaning I could travel to/from Mykonos without the need to quarantine upon return). Getting there required two connecting flights (since directs flights were not offered around my desired travel dates): one flight with Greece’s flag carrier Aegean Airlines from Brussels to Athens, and one flight with Olympic Air (an Aegean Airlines subsidiary) from Athens to Mykonos. I booked the trip in Economy Class (as I always do for my flights within Europe). The journey was uneventful, but left a sour taste in my mouth because of the unjustified high ticket price and the unruly COVID19 behavior of some passengers onboard.

Have you ever flown with Aegean Airlines? If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment.

In this review (more information below the YouTube video):

  1. Price of my ticket
  2. Onboard COVID19 safety 
  3. Flight from Brussels to Athens
  4. Layover at Athens Airport
  5. Flight from Athens to Mykonos


I paid 520 euros (!!!) for my one way ticket from Brussels to Mykonos. Yes, you read that right. That’s a shocking amount of money for a one-way Economy Class ticket within Europe. When I started looking for my ticket (about one month prior to my departure), the average price for an Economy Class ticket from Brussels to Mykonos (or any other Greek island) was around 370 euros (one way). While I was hoping that the price would lower in the days before my departure, it kept increasing. Aegean Airlines was the cheapest carrier as one-way Economy Class tickets with Lufthansa, Swiss and Air France were sold for more than 800 euros. It’s pretty disheartening that airfare is skyrocketing because of the COVID19 crisis (a combination of increased demand and limited availability of plane seats).


After the shock of the price of my ticket came the shock of the onboard experience, not so much the onboard service itself (Aegean is a great airline) but rather the behavior of some other passengers. The flight was fully packed, which was already a rather uncomfortable experience after living socially distanced for more than 9 months. But what made it absolutely worse and appalling was the fact that about half of all passengers in my row, as well as the rows in front and behind me, were not wearing their face masks properly. Most did not cover their nose (making a face mask totally useless) and some were only covering their chin while talking and laughing loudly. The Aegean Airlines crew did not intervene nor did they make any remark about it. People seem to have forgotten that you need to wear a mask on a plane, not only to protect yourself but also – and mainly – to protect other passengers (hence why I think it is utterly egoistic when people refuse to wear their face masks properly).

Once in the air, I learned that wearing a face mask did not make any sense at all: Aegean Airlines was offering a complimentary lunch snack (more on that below), so all the face masks came down anyway. I felt that the only layers of protection I still had were my vaccination (I received my two jabs with the Pfizer vaccine a few months ago) and my FFP2 mask (which I did not remove for the entire flight, not even during the lunch service). Some would say my fear of contamination is not justified, but I like to consider myself as cautious and prudent, especially when it comes to COVID19 as I contracted the disease myself a few months ago.

  • Trip: Brussels (BRU) to Athens (ATH)
  • Airline: Aegean Airlines
  • Aircraft type: Airbus A320
  • Aircraft registration number: SX-DVT
  • On time departure: Yes (11 am)
  • On time arrival: Yes (3 pm)
  • Miles: 1300 miles
  • Flight time: 3 hours
  • Seat: 11F (exit row)
  • Class: Economy Class

The flight from Brussels to Athens was operated by one of Aegean Airlines’ Airbus A320 aircraft. The carrier’s A320s feature 174 seats per aircraft in a 3-3 layout, including a small Business Class cabin that consists of Economy Class seats with blocked middle seats. Aegean Airlines’ Economy Class seats have a pitch of 30 inches (76 cm) and are 18 inches (46 cm) wide. For the 3 hour flight to Athens, I had selected seat 11F in the exit row, which offered more legroom than the Business Class seats.

The flight itself was uneventful. A complimentary lunch bag was offered, which included a sandwich (choice of meat or vegetables), a cereal bar, and a bottle of water. The lunch bag also contained a flyer with instructions to fly safely during the pandemic.



I had a one hour layover at Athens Airport. Athens Airport is the largest airport in Greece and named after Elefthérios Venizélos, a well known Cretan politician & prime minister of Greece (1864-1934). Built at a total cost of around € 2.1 bn, it began operation on 28 March 2001 (in time for the Summer Olympics of 2004). It is capable of handling 65 take-offs and landings an hour, or 600 a day. The airport currently has a capacity of 16 million passengers per year, although that will eventually be expanded to accommodate 50 million passengers a year.

My layover was a smooth experience. I had to go through a security checkpoint when moving from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. From the domestic terminal, a bus took passengers from the gate to the plane (not ideal during a pandemic).

  • Trip: Athens (ATH) to Mykonos (JMK)
  • Airline: Olymic Air
  • Aircraft type: De Havilland Canada DHC-8
  • Aircraft registration number: SX-OBA
  • On time departure: Yes (4.30 pm)
  • On time arrival: Yes (4.50 pm)
  • Miles: 94 miles
  • Flight time: 20 minutes
  • Seat: 16A
  • Class: Economy Class

The flight from Athens to Mykonos was operated by Olympic Air, a regional airline and subsidiary of Aegean Airlines. The journey was flown by one of the carrier’s De Havilland Canada DHC-8, commonly known as the Dash 8. The Dash 8 – the most productive turboprop in the skies – is known as the “network builder” due to its short take-off and landing capabilities, and efficient regional operations. The rather cramped cabin of Olympic Air’s DASH 8 feature 78 seats arranged in a 2-2 layout. I had selected seat 16A, but unfortunately, the large engine blocked most of the view (only the seats in the first rows of the Dash 8 enjoy unobstructed views). Despite a very short flight time of only 20 minutes, Olympic Airways did offer a complimentary bottle of water and chocolate biscuits to all passengers, which was a nice gesture.


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  1. I am happy to read that you do care about being safe and wear your mask when others simply disregard common sense. Continue to be safe and enjoy.

  2. Totally support your cautious attitude with regards to COVID. I don’t think it hurts to provide reviews on some economy / short flights as they are sometimes necessary and your reviews help with decision making process. Thank you. Enjoy the trip and safe travels!
    I love your work!

  3. Your hysteria is unwarranted. Not only do you still have some immunity from your prior covid infection (especially given that your infection is relatively recent), but you have also been vaccinated. There is zero reason for vaccinated people to wear masks on planes.

    I am not a COVID denier, I believe in the vaccine, and I believe in science. There is no scientific basis for vaccinated people to mask. When people behave as you’re behaving, you’re (inadvertently) discouraging vaccine skeptics from actually getting the vaccine (the logic here is that if you’re already hesitant to get the vaccine and you see vaccine recipients behaving as if they are still in grave danger, then you’re likely to shrug your shoulders and decline the shot).

    I’m sure your intentions are good, but I strongly disagree with this type of behavior (and we have plenty of it in the states).

  4. It’s so refreshing to see you travel again! I can’t wait for more videos. I agree about you wearing a mask on a plane and I would do the same. I don’t want to breathe in what other people breathe out. The pandemic is not over and we should all be careful in crowds, like airports or planes. If other people don’t like me wearing a mask or, if mindbogglingly, I put them off from vaccination, it just shows how brainless they are. People wearing masks under their nose or as a chin diaper are the reason why this pandemic is not over yet! We all want our old lives back already so stop being stupid!

  5. You are to be applauded for your responsible, cautious approach to wearing a mask while traveling in close proximity to others – even after being vaccinated. Vaccines are brilliant and life-saving, but the best vaccines are 95% effective in preventing disease, which leaves a 5% chance of contracting or transmitting a horrible, mutating virus (which hardly constitutes “no scientific basis for vaccinated people to mask“).

    I continue to enjoy your reviews for their candor and fairness. Your videos are, of course, gorgeous, and we can hardly wait for more of them.

  6. I’ m glad to see your travel video again!
    I agree with your action on the plane.
    I also agree with Tesaozao.
    Unfortunately, vaccination is delayed in Japan where I live.
    I love traveling abroad,
    so I’m looking forward to the day when I can go again.
    But it’s still going to be ahead.
    When the time comes,I will take a short trip somewhere in Japan for the first time.
    Actually I haven’t traveled much in Japan.
    Please come to Japan again someday.
    There are luxury ryokans(hotels)where you can take a private hot spring bath.
    (Foreign people seem to be not good at Japanese hot springs.)
    Have a safe flight!

  7. We are so excited to see you travel once again, and we agree with your assessment of those who are flippant about the use of face masks when traveling. After all, even if vaccinated, you can still get COVID, and you never know if those around you have been vaccinated or if they have underlying health issues.

    Looking forward to your future posts.

  8. Thank you for sharing this, very glad to see travel picking up again, while being responsible about it.
    I totally agreed with you on the proper use of masks.
    Vaccine only goes so far and not everyone is vaccinated (and you don’t know by looking at someone if they have been).
    Not wearing a mask properly in close proximity in an enclosed space like an aircraft is indeed a sign of disrespect and the fact that the airline staff didn’t enforce anything is mind-blowing to me.
    I will definitely have the research the airlines more about their safety protocols and I am really looking forward to travelling again.
    Hope you enjoy your long awaited trip.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  9. Reading all these as a Greek and an Aegean ground staff and all I can say is, honestly, sounds kinda ridiculous.
    You decided to travel in Mykonos one of the most crowded islands and places in Greece and after all you talk about the number of passengers inside the plane as well as the fact they gave you a snack.
    Well if you are that worried about covid, why didn’t you stay home? Based on your article I can figure out that you didn’t travel there for business purposes, so why are you complaining? You are literally traveling abroad during a pandemic if you are that scared of the virus you could choose to travel some other period of time.. it’s that simple.
    I think it’s widely known that in order to travel abroad you need to be vaccinated or have a PCR or RAPID test done accordingly as well as carry a PLF with you.
    You are being over dramatic.
    Over all, I hope you enjoyed your stay. 🙂

  10. After all, even if vaccinated, you can still get COVID, and you never know if those around you have been vaccinated or if they have underlying health issues.

  11. What was price from Brussels to Athens ?
    I have noticed that Aegean have started charging really silly prices for through fares via Athens. I suspect you would have got a much better deal if you had taken the ferry to Mykonos or booked a separate fare from Athens to Mykonos (maybe with a different airline) 500 euros is way too much. I can often get a business class fare from Berlin to Athens for under 200 Euros. If you are going to Mykonos consider a ferry from Rafina (much closer to airport)

  12. I can 100% confirm. Being a frequent flyer with Aegean I have experienced the same “whatever” attitude towards COVID safety with passengers and crew. Aegean staff doesn’t seem to realize that when we fly on a sealed metal tube during a pandemic our health is on their hands and they are responsible for our health and safety…

  13. I recently traveled to Lisbon via Munich with Lufthansa. I paid 840 euros for economy class!!! No snack at all!!! Even for water on board you had to pay. We lost our luggage and our connecting flight due to Lufthansa s delay …. When I finally returned home I felt really exhausted ! Prices went up to every airline. So I think it’s better to stay home for a while .

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